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The BEST Gummies have the fewest Ingredients

by Christopher Ferraro on Sep 02, 2023

The BEST Gummies have the fewest Ingredients

At Higher Flour, we believe in the art of simplicity when it comes to crafting our vegan organic gummies. We've carefully selected each ingredient to ensure that the best gummies are created with the fewest, highest-quality components.

Let's break down the key ingredients in our gummies and unveil their purpose in delivering a delightful and consistent experience:

1. Pectin: The foundation of our gummies, pectin, not only provides their chewy texture but also makes them suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

2. Citric Acid: This natural acid adds a tangy kick to our gummies, enhancing their flavor and creating a balanced taste.

3. Cane Sugar: We use cane sugar, not just for its sweetness, but also to coat the gummies, preventing them from sticking together and ensuring freshness.

4. Delta 8 THC: The star of the show, delta 8 THC, offers a gentle and euphoric experience that's precisely dosed at 25 mg per gummy.

5. Natural Flavor from Fruit Extract: To achieve the delicious taste of our gummies, we source natural fruit extracts, providing a burst of authentic flavor without artificial additives.

6. Natural Color from Fruit and Vegetable Powders: Our gummies get their vibrant hues from fruit and vegetable powders, making them visually appealing without artificial dyes.

7. Tapioca Syrup: As a natural sweetener, tapioca syrup complements cane sugar to achieve the perfect level of sweetness.

8. Sodium Citrate: This ingredient helps balance the acidity in our gummies, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable taste.

9. Water: The essence of life, water is used to hydrate our ingredients and maintain the gummies' desired consistency.

10. Lemon Oil: A hint of lemon oil adds a refreshing note to our gummies, enhancing the overall flavor profile.

At Higher Flour, we firmly believe that the best gummies are created when you use fewer, pure ingredients. Each component plays a crucial role in delivering a delectable and consistently exceptional gummy experience. Our commitment to quality and simplicity ensures that every bite of our gummies is a true delight. Try them for yourself and experience the magic of minimalism in crafting the finest cannabis-infused gummies available.