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We are not legally able to reccomend or advise doses to our customers as we are not doctors. You are responsible in ensuring you properly dose yourself. We hope we have provided you with enough information to confidently do so. If you have any more questions feel free to contact us and we will try to help you to the best of our ability.

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Higher Flour cares about you and wants to ensure your safety. We advise you not to operate heavy machinery while under the influence and to partake in our trippy treats at home or in a safe space.


All information presented to you has been sourced from trusted scientific journals. We have not produced any of these journals ourselves and take no credit for the information provided. We have gathered a plethora of facts and compiled them into an easy to comprehend FAQ sheet with the purpose of educating our consumers on the products they are taking.

What is Kratom?

"Natural kratom comes from a tropical tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries in traditional medicines. Kratom has been safely used for decades here in the United States, and is becoming increasingly popular because of what it is, and what it isn’t.

Kratom is not a drug, not an opiate, and not a synthetic substance. Natural Kratom is a safe herbal supplement that is used by millions for pain management or an energy boost." []

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