Our Limited Edition Premium Material Double Layer Fabric design keeps the consumer safe from the elements- sun, wind, and cold temperatures. The two pocket hidden features allow most valuables to be safely secured in a zipper pocket, invisible to the naked eye. Items that were once easily stolen or lost are now safeguarded in secret pockets that camouflage seamlessly into the fabric. This allows the user to have peace of mind knowing their valuables are safe in theft-proof pockets while adding and extra element of comfort and style. (Artwork by Morphisart “Lions Paradise”)

Each Enchanting Limited-Edition Pashmina is elegantly embroidered with a model number. Because of the authentic makers of the product, consumers will be a part of an exclusive LitFit family with only 1-150 models of Pashminas. Given the limited quantity and exclusivity of the product; each pashmina is printed with a specific number. This ensures, once purchased, no other person will have the same number and the buyer now has their very own, unique personalized LitFit pashmina

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