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Presidents Day the Higher Flour way

by Christopher Ferraro on Feb 19, 2024

Presidents Day the Higher Flour way
As we approach Presidents' Day, a celebration of leadership and progress, Higher Flour is excited to introduce a product that embodies the essence of innovation and freedom: The Dime Bag. For just $10, experience the surprise and delight of our mystery pack, featuring 3 Vegan 25 MG infused gummies, a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability.

A Mystery Pack Full of Discovery

The Dime Bag is not just any product; it's an adventure in every pack. With no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, our gummies offer a pure, guilt-free indulgence that respects the earth and your well-being. Each pack is a mystery, waiting to be unveiled, making every purchase an exciting journey into flavor and relaxation.

Crafted with Care in the Sunshine State

Proudly made in-house in Florida, Higher Flour's gummies capture the essence of our dedication to freshness and local production. By choosing to manufacture our gummies right here in Florida, we ensure that every pack carries the taste of quality craftsmanship, with a year-long shelf life on the counter to guarantee that freshness.

Join Us in Celebration

This Presidents' Day, Higher Flour invites you to join us in a celebration of progress, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. The Dime Bag represents our commitment to these values, offering a product that is not only enjoyable but also respectful of our planet and your health.

Dive into the mystery and delight of The Dime Bag. Let's commemorate this Presidents' Day with a nod to the past and a leap towards a more sustainable, joyful future. Discover the essence of Higher Flour, where quality meets innovation, and every product is a journey waiting to be explored.